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Modern CPA & CFO Services


In the hunt for the perfect CPA, steer clear of those trapped in tax deadlines. Some firms live and breathe tax prep, but we've seen a better way. I've been through it, and I'll spill the beans – after four months of tax frenzy, there's little room to think about comprehensive financial planning. The year's rhythm won't let you ponder the bigger picture.

But here at Parkhurst Consulting CPA PC, we do things differently. We start with understanding you, the visionary dental practice owner. We don't just handle tax forms; we anticipate them and project your taxes from there.

Our Tax Preparation Services:

  • Tax Strategy
  • Tax Planning
  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • Business Income Tax Preparation

Our 4-Phase Playbook:

  1. Phase I – Practice Assessment
  2. Phase II – Maximize Cash Flow
  3. Phase III – Embrace the Unexpected
  4. Phase IV – Flex and Execute

This strategy gets you closer to achieving your value-based goals.

Our Tax Process:

  1. Understanding Your Vision
  2. Current Year Projections
  3. Flexible Adaptations
  4. Fine-Tuning Tax Withholdings
  5. Tax Returns Filed

We provide a predictable process, so you won't be caught off guard by the extended filing due date.

Tax prep isn't about the forms; it's about controlling the process. Filing is the finish line, the formality. The real value lies in the insights we share throughout the year.


Accounting Services

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Financial Statement Mastery

Our Accounting Approach: The cornerstone of your practice's prosperity.

  • A profitability pyramid to enlighten you about the bigger financial picture.
  • We ask: How much time do you spend on it? Could that time be better spent on rest, less frustration, or more productivity in both your professional and personal life?
  • Our accounting is built on a dynamic chart of accounts designed for growth.
  • Consistency is the key in vendor and payroll entries, paving the way for accurate analysis.
  • We always have the end in mind – how it impacts your profit and loss and balance sheet.
  • Top-tier, timely financial reporting is your golden ticket to mastering your practice's success.
  • Our accounting services seamlessly integrate with your practice management reporting.
  • A holistic view of your practice arises when you combine your financial statements with data from your dental software.
  • Dive into your KPIs, know which ones to track, when to track them, and how to wield them effectively.
  • Our commitment to impeccable bookkeeping is the foundation for precise practice analysis.