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Annual Shareholder Meeting: Recommendations

Recommendations for holding & documenting an annual shareholder meeting.
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Do you hold an annual shareholder meeting with your employed family members? You should consider a shareholder meeting if your family members are shareholders in your practice. It is important to properly document to show that the primary purpose of the trip was to hold a shareholder meeting. 

Shareholder meetings can occur anywhere as long as the shareholders are present & discuss the practice.

Here are a few strategies to ensure your annual shareholder meeting is deductible. As with all things tax, documentation is critical.

  1. Set Clear Goals
  2. Create a Participant/Guest List
  3. Document the Minutes
  4. Have a Follow-up List
  5. Review Strategic Initiatives & Goals
  6. Review Marketing Plan
  7. Discuss 401(K) Plan/Funding
  8. Review Job Descriptions
  9. Consider What Remote Work Can Be Done (ex: Social Media).
  10. Take pictures!


The shareholder meeting must be done in earnest. Best practice is to budget at least 4 hours for the meeting. The primary purpose of the trip must be the business meeting. Ensure you can defend this deduction to the IRS with plenty of documentation.

Talk to us today if you would like more information. We would love to offer our guidance & a template for shareholder meeting documentation. 


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