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Protest Your Property Tax Appraisal by May 15th

To protest your property tax appraisal, file a Notice of Protest with your appraisal district by May 15.
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Were you surprised when you received your property tax appraisal this year? We recommend you protest your personal & commercial property taxes every year on both your house & office building (if you own it). It's best to hire a professional to do it for you. Often, they only charge when they are successful.

If you have a homestead exemption filed, it will limit your increase to 10% of the prior year's assessed value. With most properties taxed at 2-2.5% rates, that is still a big chunk. We recommend you protest the value of your house every year. Protesting every year will keep the base value for tax from compounding versus doing nothing at all.

Here are a few companies to consider: Texas ProTax, O'Connor, and Property Tax Protest. As mentioned, we highly recommend using a professional versus DIY. You (or the company representing you) must file the Notice of Protest with your appraisal district by May 15, so act now!

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