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Remind Patients About Their Expiring Dental Benefits Today

Tell your existing patients with unmet dental needs about their unused & expiring insurance benefits.
Dentist examining smiling female patient at dental clinic

No one wants to leave money on the table. Now is the perfect time to contact your patients and remind them of their unused dental benefits that are set to expire on 12/31.

Contact your existing patients with unmet dental needs and remind them of unused benefits that will expire at the end of the year. This could give them the value-add they need to justify the expense of a previously recommended treatment. By reaching out now, you can start scheduling them before the soon-approaching holiday season.

Have your team make personal phone calls and send texts and emails reminding patients that you deeply care about their dental health. People put off dental care for many reasons. A slight and kind nudge may be all they need to follow through with some or all of their treatment plan.

You will gain goodwill with your patients by communicating these available benefits. Your patients may need all the incentives they can get in the uncertain economic climate. They may be worried about their finances, so be empathetic and work with them to provide the best care they can afford. If you offer payment plans and third-party financing, remind them of this and show that you are willing to work with them.



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