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Tips for Traveling Safely This Summer

Follow these common sense tips to travel safely with your family this summer.
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Are you planning to travel this summer? We hope you are! Remember that even in paradise, bad things can happen to good people. Pack your common sense & review the following safe travel guidelines with your family.

If traveling outside the U.S., check the State Department’s Travel Advisory List for your destination. This is available online at: Enroll in the State Department’s Smart Travel Enrollment Program: Before traveling with prescription medication, make sure it is legal in the county you visit. You may be surprised at what is not allowed in other countries.

You should take certain precautions even if you do not leave the county. Don’t look like a tourist. Blend in with the local population as much as possible. Check with the front desk at your hotel before exploring on your own. Digitize all critical documents. Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted friend or family member. Check the reviews for outings you plan on doing.

Be wary of public wifi & charging stations. Better yet, please don’t use them at all! Instead, use a power bank to charge your phone. Leave your computer at home. Please do not post about your trip on social media until you return home (I know). Ensure your phone has a screen lock enabled & your pin should not be 1234.

Put house lights on a timer to come on while you’re away. You don’t need a smart house for this; you can buy cheap timers on Amazon & plug in some lamps. Have your mail held at the post office. Pause newspaper subscriptions (those are still a thing, right?).

Be aware of your surroundings whenever you are in an unfamiliar city/country. Men, carry your wallet in your front pants pocket instead of the back one. Leave your passport at the front desk rather than keeping it on you or in your room.

Be on guard for scams targeting tourists, and have your hotel make travel arrangements whenever possible. Leave your best jewelry, shoes, & purses at home, don’t paint yourself as a lucrative target. Keep your wits about you. Make sure you are in a safe place before overindulging. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Bon voyage & safe travels!



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