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Writing A Business Plan Series-Step 2: Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Step two of writing a business plan is to define your dental practice's mission, vision, and core values.
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Writing a business plan can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! In this series of articles, we aim to demystify business plans & give you actionable steps to take to create your own. Last month we covered Step 1: determining your audience. Step 2 is defining your mission, vision, & core values.

Mission statement – Your “why.” A mission statement is a short (1-sentence) action statement that asserts the purpose of your practice & whom you serve. For example, “Our mission is to improve the dental & overall health of our patients.” A mission statement should be authentic & focused on the big picture, why you do what you do.

Vision statement – Your goals. A vision statement succinctly describes your goals. For example, “our vision is to create a dental practice that is recognized as the best in Central Texas for providing stellar quality & service.”

Core Values – Your beliefs. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of your practice. For example, your core values could be integrity, wellness, patient-focused, quality, and inclusion.

Your mission, vision, and core values are your practice’s “guiding light.” They are critical to achieving your strategic goals & differentiating you from your competitors. Defining the mission, vision, & core values is an important first step, but defining them is not enough. They should be ingrained in your practice culture & your staff should be fully aware of these principles.




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